~ What I Aim To Do ~

  • To spread awareness about Transhumanism, the Singularity and the potential it holds for a brighter future for all of humanity – or at least those that strive for a posthuman destiny
  • To reduce the potential for existential threats where exigent while maximising the potential for Transhuman technology, goals and values where possible for all willing persons
  • To protect the coming of the Singularity from anyone that would try to wholly prevent it – ignorant ideologues of all religious or philosophical persuasions

“I shall tear these stars from out the heavens,” he stated, “and hurl them in the faces of the gods, if this be necessary. I shall blaspheme in every Temple throughout the land. I shall take lives as a fisherman takes fish, by the net, if this be necessary.

I shall mount me again up to the Celestial City, though every step be a flame or a naked sword and the way be guarded by tigers. One day will the gods look down from Heaven and see me upon the stair, bringing them the gift they fear most. That day will the new Yuga begin.”

The Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny


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